How to make a Marketing Flyer on Word
How to make a Marketing Flyer on Word

Many tiny companies do not have the significant advertising budgets to cover designers and marketing consultants to make marketing content for their business — that is where Microsoft Word comes to play. I will give you step-by-step education about developing a professional looking advertising slick, but I want to note a Couple of design hints :

  • Keep it easy. To spare time in folding and figuring out how to place your paper at the printer, proceed with a conventional 8.5″x11″ design. It is possible to find a very professional looking record by adhering with this arrangement, also it’s going to be quite simple to print.
  • Maintain a white edge. When developing a slick you will print out of your house or office printer, then make a tiny white border around your layout. By experience, I understand that layouts which go to the border of your record or bleed off the newspaper, nearly always have printing problems.
  • Stay away from generic clip art. Nothing produces a record seem more unprofessional that generic clip art — you would like to maintain your record appearing as professional as you can.
  • Practice your own branding. When you’re placing your layout with each other, make sure it seems like has your company’s look and feel and all of the files are consistent.
  • Do not distort logos or graphics. I’ve seen this over and over again and it simply seems armature. Whenever you’re resizing a picture, make sure you hold down the Shift key — that is going to keep the pictures measurements.

Let’s do it!

1. Proceed into Start>Programs>Microsoft Word to start the program.

2. Go to File>New>Flyers>Marketing Flyers to See the listing of available templates. Here, you have the choice of utilizing one of those templates which come with the app or downloading one from We will utilize a flyer template offered in the app. This will help save you time and provide you an expert looking flyer.

3. Chose the plan you need and click it. This will open the layout in Word.
With this tutorial, I’m choosing the Tech company flyer (8.5×11)

You enjoy the design of the flyer, but you want to modify the colors, add your logo and edit the replicate — here is how.

  • Edit copy. Click the text the phrases are in and create your own changes.
  • Change the colour of a box. Click the box > Faucet >Form Fill>
    Here you’ll have any choices. It is possible to select a color, gradient, image, texture or design. I picked a gradient. Shade (choose your color)>Gradient>Display (I select a dark variant )

I discovered that after I changed the colour of the box I did not have a powerful contrast of a number of this copy, so that I needed to alter the colour and bold it. Additionally, I needed to change the green colour of”IT” from the header into orange.

  • Click text >highlight copy you would like to change>select color>Bold

I Want to Eliminate the generic emblem

  • Click on the corresponding picture and text boxes and then hit delete

At this stage I will save my record in the event of a sudden shutdown or any unforeseen circumstance.

Now I want to include my logo today, but it’s a white background around it. If I put it on the gray box, then the white region will appear — try to prevent this. Instead, select a white spot in the file. I discovered a place in the top left hand corner.

  • Insert>Picture>select your logo in the location in your PC>Insert
    If the logo does not appear, add these measures — Wrap TextIn Front of Text
    You can resize your logo by clicking on it, grapping a corner and holding down shift while you resize it

As soon as you’ve made all your edits, then save. In addition, I recommend saving your document as a pdf so that you may send a fresh, non-editable record to your clients via email.

Developing a professional looking advertising flyer is that easy with Microsoft Word!


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