Forward Yahoo Mail
Forward Yahoo Mail

Step 1
Go to the Yahoo Mail site (link in Resources) at an Internet browser and then log in.

Step 2
Click on the gear icon. Select”Mail Options” in the menu.

Step 3
Click on”POP & Forwarding” from the left sidebar.

Step 4
Click on the”Forward Your Yahoo Mail” radio button to allow forwarding.

Step 5
Input the email address to another account.

Step 6
Click on the”Save Changes” button.

Step 7
Click on the”Send Code” link at the Verify Email Address box which appears. This transmits a code into another account to confirm that it is yours.

Step 8
Open a new browser and log into your additional account. When it’s also a Yahoo Mail account, start another browser to prevent being logged from your Yahoo Mail company account.

Step 9
Open the email from Yahoo Member Services. Find the verification code and then copy it into the clipboard.

Step 10
Switch back to your own Yahoo Mail company account tab. Glue the verification code to the proper box. Click on”Done” to finish the procedure.


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